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Angie Day

Angie started working in property management after graduating from Idaho State and moving to the Seattle Area to find work.  Starting out in a leasing office in Kirkland, Washington, for an 150-unit apartment community, within 6-months time got promoted from Leasing Agent to Assistant Manager.  After moving back to Idaho, she became a Resident Manager for a 50-unit, 5 location, multifamily subsidized apartments in Southeast Idaho. Finally deciding to settle in the Boise Area with her husband Aaron, Angie moved one last time to work as a HUD Occupancy Specialist in the home office of the company that she had worked as a Resident Manager.  As her family grew, she could only take on part-time work as a Assistant Manager/Marketing Director with a company that specialized in senior subsidized housing.  Also, a second part-time job as a Property Manager for investment rentals and renting her own investment rentals.  Now, she focuses on her own growing business.

I always thinking in the back of my head, how I would like to change things in my property management dealings, if I had my own company, and now I do. ~Angie

Amber Roll

Amber was living at a Section-42 Tax Credit apartment and applied for an open Leasing Agent position, and, with that, she went from a job in fast food to career in property management.  Within a year, she was promoted twice from Assistant Manager/Bookkeeper to Resident Manager.  At 19 years of age, she was managing a 180-unit multifamily, apartment community, and was often called upon to work for sister property, as well.  The sell of those properties had her moving with her company to Las Vegas to work at their largest property, a 402-unit conventional complex.  With yet another property sold, Amber left that company to live back to Boise and work as a home office, Property Manager with a portfolio that consisted of 24 low-income properties.  More recently, she worked at a 40-unit senior subsidized community before taking a break to stay at home with her son.

From cleaning apartments, to decorating model apartments that rent for $1800 a month, I have done it all.  I have never been afraid to get my hands dirty and do what it takes to get the job done.  I have worked with low-income seniors to Las Vegas showgirls and everything in between. A decade of experience in Property Management, it has been my passion and livelihood my entire working career.  I have what it takes and will continue to accomplish excellence in the field of property management. ~Amber

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